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Imagine: a first busking session together on the streets of Montmartre, Paris. At the end of the first song, The Dirty Ragtimers are invited by Alain, the tall and tattooed owner to perform every Sunday evening at Montmartre's most original bar Chez Camille where they established a successful residency for three years. This lead the group to record and become…

The Dirty Ragtimers - a quartet of internationally renowned acoustic jazz musicians. Based in Paris, the group features vocalist and violinist Heather Stewart (Oz), fingerpicking guitarist Lucas Montagnier (Fr), pianist Mathieu Meyer(Can/Fr) and bassist Leigh Barker (Oz). The Dirty Ragtimers play classic American music from the early 20th Century with great vocal harmony, hot jazz and swing, finger-picking blues, ragtime, country and a tache of gospel. They bring the 1910s, 20s and 30s sizzling to the ears and soul of anyone seeking high quality music. They build an enthusiastic following everywhere they play and perform regularly in Paris and tour anywhere including Chicago, New York, Birmingham, London, Melbourne, Sydney and all the beautiful countryside, towns and villages between.

The group was originally formed as a duo in 2017. In December 2018 Heather and Lucas recorded the debut album Fairytales of Montmartre at Hi-Hat Studios following a two week tour in Chicago. They launched the disc with tours of Australia and UK and a packed house at Paris' infamous Le Bal Blomet in December 2019. To release the Fairytales of Montmartre album, the duo invited incredible skills of Mathieu Meyer and Leigh Barker to build their sound and create flexibility for improvising and more sonorous arrangements. Amid major transport closures throughout Paris at this time (and just before La Crise…), Le Bal Blomet was sold out to a capacity crowd, 250+ revellers calling for encores and buying the remaining boxes of discs. We thank you sincerely and with love!


Before la crise, they've performed at Paris’ renowned Caveau de la Huchette (La La Land) and are building followings at festivals and venues around Europe.

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Four musicians of calibre and quality break the illusion between then and now.  The show weaves stories of lost love, leaving home and redemption, The Dirty Ragtimers delving into songs of the Mississippi and New Orleans, dashes of old
country and jazz that 'Il knock the socks off and break the heart.

Leigh Barker on bass and Mathieu Meyer on piano bring still more joy to this superb outfit. Together with Lucas Montagnier guitar/vocals and Heather Stewart vocals/violin, the quartet perform textures, colours and characters of an earlier time in American culture and old melodies that can no longer be traced.


The Dirty Ragtimers - Fairytales of Montmartre album purchase online